Silvestri Marmi – Selling and manufacturing of Marble, Natural Stone, Onyx, Travertine.

White Marble Carrara - Apuan Alps

Silvestri Marmi was born in the early 2000s, in Carrara, near the marble quarries of the Apuan Alps of Massa-Carrara. It’s a young company but not for this reason of little experience. Thanks to the constant commitment of its founder Davide Silvestri and his collaborators in Italy and abroad, it is able to meet the market demands all over the world.

The company deals with the transformation and sale of various materials, Marbles, Stones, Granites, Travertines and Onyx, starting from the testing of the same directly from the quarries, and following the entire process of manufacturing up to the finished product. The customer is constantly updated on the various stages of processing.

Silvestri Marmi
is able to guarantee a very high quality level, both for the selection of materials, the logistics service, the speed of preparation and the shipment of goods.
We can realize any type of public or private project, both with the use of local marbles and with the use of various types of foreign materials.

Marbles and Stones Warehouse