Drap Table – Icon Award Winner

DRAP - Icon Award Winner

Company: Silvestri Marmi | Design: Paolo Ulian | Material: Zebrino

When working with thick marble, water jet cutting tends to lose its precision at the end of the cut, producing irregular ripples.
What is usually considered a defect is emphasised here, emerging to create an aesthetic quality.
A sort of draping that almost spontaneously assumes the appearence of a tablecloth.
The ring/tablecloth is made with a water jet concentrically cutting a marble block that is 20-25 cm thick.
This method makes it possible to produce rings of different sizes from the same block,  limiting material waste.

The DRAP Table by Silvestri Marmi, designed by Paolo Ulian, wins the 2017 Icon Award Winner.

Zebrino is a marble extracted in some areas of the Apuan Alps known by several names like Cipollino Carrarese, Cipollino Zebrino, Zebrino Apuano.
The material is fine grain, compact and non-porous. It has a stratified structure that is whitish, ivory, sometimes slightly rose and is characterised by layers that are rich in quartz pyrite and dolomite in colours including grey-green and light pink.
The marble layers mix to form homogeneous bodies of moderate dimensions, almost completely free of impurities and very similar to the statuary type called Cremo and Cremo Delicato.
Its streaked look is particularly suitable for the production of interior and exterior wall tiles and to create diverse textures that can be freely combined.
It is a material that is well suited for all uses, like sculptures. pieces of furniture, objects, bathroam counters, washbasins and so on.

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