The Combo Bench

Combo Bench

Company: Silvestri Marmi | Authors: Agnese Merico, Virginia Tricarico | Materials: Bianco Carrara, Bardiglio Nuvolato | Sapienza Università€ di Roma Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile, Edile e Ambientale – Corso di Progettazione degli Elementi Costruttivi StonENG, Gruppo di Ricerca Elementi Costruttivi Innovativi in Pietra 

The project consists of building a bench made from 5 cm thick slabs of marble, disjoint among themselves through 1 cm spacer.
Through a special rotation system, a mechanism to make the slabs rotate 93o has been studied; the slabs can become armrests or tray tables, depending on the number of slabs rotated.
The bench has a structural core made of a tubular steel cable running through the slabs in an oval hole.
Thanks to the hole the slabs are permitted to be lifted an rotate. To make the rotation easier there is a slot at the back of each slab to place the hand.

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